TOTEMtent + frame STOCK SALE

TOTEMtent + frame STOCK SALE

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Kindly, note that minor marks or faults will occur on Stock Sale items. It is not possible to review Stock Sale items before purchasing. Stock Sale items are non-refundable and can not be returned. All products are full functioning!

'A Totem Trail' is a series of soft blue denim fabric items with organic geometrical white print designed by BudtzBendix.

ChangingTOWER’s ability of transforming into a tent ( TOWERtent ) when the baby is older naturally extents its longevity. Click off the wooden storage boxes and place the tent cloth over the frames and TOWERtent is created. ChangingTOWER and TOWERtent together create the framework for a cosy place from the baby is newborn and many years ahead. TOWERtent makes a fun and secret place for toddlers and children to play.

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