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TOWERchair is designed and developed with the ambition of creating a modern, simple and functional piece of furniture for children, their parents and grandparents. TOWERchair is a Danish designed highchair for children from the age of 6 months or from when the child can sit on its own. It has the advantage of being able to be used for many years as the chair has the ability of changing position according to the size of the child using it. Uniquely the TOWERchair has the ability to fold almost flat becoming very easy to store away ( hang on the wall ) or to be carried and transported, thus making it more flexible than most highchairs currently on the market. This is especially aimed at young families with little space and / or grandparents who not always need the chair as part of their daily routine.

Babies can sit soft with a cushion for TOWERchair which creates a more enclosed space. The cushion and the tray make a great team - and together they shape a special little place for the baby to take part of family meals and other activities by the dining table. Toddlers are challenged by TOWERchair - with its design language it invites the child to explore the ability of moving vertically and end up in a great spot - not only for eating - but also for watching and observing the world from a different angle. It can quickly become the child’s private watchTOWER. No silly monsters or scary witches can reach this ‘top of the world’. The armrests are great protectors and create a secure space for having a meal or perhaps draw a treasure hunt map.




ChangingTOWER is a changing table for babies and toddlers it can be used from when the baby is new born until the baby’s weight reaches 11 kg. ChangingTOWER is a Danish designed changing table with a light tubular structure and floating storage boxes, it is designed with the ambition of creating a modern, simple and functional piece of furniture. The aim is to embrace the changing sessions as an essential part of a baby’s developement - by creating a space / a piece of furniture for the baby and his / her parents to have a peaceful and intemit contact during these sessions. ChangingTOWER’s ability of transforming into a tent ( TOWERtent ) when the baby is older naturally extents its longevity. Click off the wooden storage boxes and place the tent cloth over the frames and TOWERtent is created. ChangingTOWER and TOWERtent together create the framework for a cosy place from the baby is newborn and many years ahead. TOWERtent makes a fun and secret place for toddlers and children to play.