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Stephanie Duval



When I discovered the TOWERchair, I was sold immediately.



I am a creative strategist and storyteller. Last year, right before Juliet was born, I co-founded a storytelling agency with a very good girlfriend of mine. It’s a very fulfilling and creative job, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!



Originally I am from Antwerp, Belgium – but you can currently find me in the Swiss countryside. I live with my husband and daughter of 1 year, Juliet, in an apartment in a tiny little village, surrounded by the Jura mountains and vineyards. It's a big change from the city life I was used to and loved, but the peace and quiet is actually wonderful and a welcome ‘break’ from our busy lives. 


favourite moment of the day. 

My favorite moments of the day are when the three of us are all together and we don’t need to be anywhere else but home. During the weekends, we’ll have Juliet join us in our big bed in the morning when she wakes up. We also love to sit around the table like a family.



I was drawn to Budtzbendix because I wasn’t in love with the children’s furniture that I could find in stores. When I discovered the TowerChair – I was sold immediately. I was so happy to discover the ChangingTower, and I am secretly hoping the range will expand even further in the future. I love the minimal designs.