ChangingTOWER White

ChangingTOWER White


ChangingTOWER is a changing table for babies and toddlers it can be used from when the baby is new born until the baby’s weight reaches 11 kg. ChangingTOWER is a Danish designed changing table with a light tubular structure and floating storage boxes, it is designed with the ambition of creating a modern, simple and functional piece of furniture. The aim is to embrace the changing sessions as an essential part of a baby’s developement - by creating a space / a piece of furniture for the baby and his / her parents to have a peaceful and intemit contact during these sessions.

∆ The changingTOWER includes 2 handmade wooden storage boxes with acrylic sliding partition / 1 handmade wooden top box for the changing mattress / bended metal tube frames / leather.

Materials: Metal frames/MDF/Acrylic/Leather straps
Measurements: Height: 95 cm/Width: 69 cm/Depth: 88 cm
Top Box: 52 x 66 cm

The changingTOWER is tested and approved according to the following standards:

  • Europe: EN 12221 - 1:2008 + EN 12221 - 2:2008

  • U.S.: ASTM F2388

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